The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

When the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was in the planning changes, the engineers know how critical it would be to maintain both ambient temperature and humidity requirements to preserve the artifacts being displayed in the museum.

Eierdam and Associates, Inc. assisted the engineers in designing, specifying and installation support for the humidification system
that would provide the relative humidity to retain the integrity of the clothing, numerous materials and musical instruments on display.

Rick Eierdam has worked closely with Rock and Roll Facility Engineers to help maintain the (13) humidifiers successfully
for over 18 years.

The Cleveland Zoo Rainforest


The Rain Forest at the Cleveland Zoo exactly replicates a real tropical rain forest right down to the misty rain, humidity and temperature.

Eierdam and Associates, Inc. provided products and support in the installation and maintenance of the humidifiers, steam coils, heat exchangers and steam traps.

To ensure that atomized fog rise from the ground as well as maintaining temperature and humidity requirements for the tropical plants and animals in the Rain Forest Facility.