The Alcazar Hotel


The unique building dates back to the early 1900’s. It opened to the public in 1923. It is located near the University Circle. It was designed after the Spanish baroque style architecture.

Eierdam and Associates, Inc. was approached to survey the entire steam system so that steam system problems could be identified and updated to achieve maximum energy conservation of the steam system. All steam traps were assigned a specific tag number and inputted into an Excel spreadsheet, as well as noted conditions and defects found in the steam system.

From this report all defective steam traps were repaired or replaced, leaks were repaired and outdated manual radiator valves were replaced or retrofitted to automatic temperature self- operated radiator valves to prevent overheated apartments and rooms.

Steam energy consumption was reduced by over 40% after the repairs and retrofits.

Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates


This Christian Science Church was converted to become an office building and research laboratories. A condition for the sale to this design company was that the antique pipe organ originally installed in the church, remain installed and be maintained and operational.

Since the building was from the 1920’s era, Eierdam and Associates, Inc. was called to adapt and modernize the existing steam system in the building to one of environmentally correct and efficient in the offices and labs in the building.